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Хорошо vBulletin v3.8.5 NULL DGT

vBulletin v3.8.5 NULL DGT

27 bugs have been fixed in vBulletin 3.8.5. Here's a list of the bugs fixed with the public bug tracker ID number.

28683: Upgrade to 3.8.4, but still deprecated messages
28698: Wrong Phrase in Advanced Mod while Posting a Visitor Message
28703: PHP Warning in Class Diff on Upgrade
28705: The links 'Prev' & 'Next' are missing when viewing an album picture
28708: Deprecated messages inside exported XML product files
28709: [URL] in custom BBCode
28713: Reputation Menu - Comment Box
28941: Recent Visitors Profile Block Not Taking Into Account user.infractiongroupid
29230: Groups You Created -> View Next -> Information layout changes
29127: Wrong phrasing
29231: Contact Us Options -> Other -> Webmaster's Email
29336: Missing date & time in social groups
29462: No search highlight
29607: Email test in diagnostic.php is out of date
29923: Quick Reply Go Advanced in MS IE8 only
30121: No hit counter for attachments through [attach] BB-code
30189: Problem with "delete posts/threads as spam" and protected members
30230: Automatic Bans Work on Unalterable Users
32430: Multi-quote, quick reply buttons missing when viewing posts by ignored users
32603: Where Cairo-Egypt time ?
32718: Social Bookmarks do not normalize {TITLE}
32785: "Mark Forums Read" not protected against attacks
36312: Typo in forumdisplay.php $threadadmin_imod_thread_menu

4 Template have been changed for 3.8.5:

Added security token to "Mark Forum Read" link. (Bug #32785)
Requires Revert ? Yes

2. reputation_ajax
Added width to reputation popup menu table. (Bug #28713)
Requires Revert ? No

3. threadbit
Added highlight parameter to "Go to Newest Post" icon links of search results. (Bug #29336)
Requires Revert ? No

4. contactus
Added condition for "Other" subject. (Bug #29231)
Requires Revert ? Yes
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